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2015 News Items

28 Oct 2015  -   The 2015 AWRA reunion is now history.  The 55+ members and guests who gathered in Tucson had a great time.  The membership present voted to hold the 2016 reunion in Dayton OH.  Pending successful negotiation of dates and hotel, etc., we expect to meet in Aug-Sep.  Please start planning ahead, and keep checking the reunion web page for updates and photos from the recent Tucson gala.

21 Oct 201
5  -  
The 2015 AWRA reunion of members is underway.  Good crowd is already on hand at the Hilton Tucson East.  Wishing all the attendees a great week and wishing that more of you could join us.  Hope to see you next year.

Photo above shows Stan Sowa and AWRA President Stoney Faubus checking member Pat Hanavan into the reunion.

14 Aug 2015  -   The reunion registrations are slowly making their way to our Treasurer for the October gathering in Tucson.  This will be a great get together this year, so please fill out the registration form that was in your newsletter (or download it here:  2015 registration form) and mail it in ASAP.  Also, the blocked rooms at the Hilton Hotel are filling up fast, so please make your hotel registration right away.

Stoney Faubus (AWRA President) and Sam Angevine have worked with the Custom Ink T-Shirt company to design a 54th WRS Typhoon Chaser shirt.  They have a direct link to the group order here:  Custom Ink 54th WRS




As explained on the web page, any shirts ordered through this link will be sent to Sam Angevine in Tucson for distribution at the reunion.  The shirts can be ordered in several different colors (Grey, Royal Blue, Red, Vegas Gold, Ash, Light Blue, Pink, or Prairie Dust - sort of an Olive Drab).  If you are interested in getting one or more for the reunion, please order them soon.  The order window closes in about a month.

12 Jun 201
5  -  
Nothing like five months between news items.  Does this mean there has been no news?  No, just that the Web Master has been busy chasing his three grandsons who live here in town.  Lot's of fun for me, but I've been neglecting all you AWRA members out there.  So, on to the updates.

    1.  The 2015 newsletter is on the way to your mailbox.  In this issue we highlight a 56th WRS aircraft (WB-50D) and crew that crashed in 1956.  Nine of the eleven crewmen were killed.  We also morn the loss of Ralph Ruyle, our good friend and late Chairman of the AWRA Board of Directors, along with several more of our fellow weather reconnaissance veterans whose passing has come to our attention over the past year. 

    2.  Highlighted in the newsletter are updates on the 2015 Reunion, to be held from 21 to 25 October 2015 in Tucson.  The registration form is inserted into your copy of the newsletter, or you can download a copy here:  2015 registration form   Please fill out the registration form from your newsletter, or download a copy, and mail it in TODAY.  It is too easy to forget and then time gets away from you.  We want to see you all in Tucson!  Be there or be square.

    3.  The newsletter is also available online to our current AWRA members in the MEMBERS ONLY section of this web site.  The online version has some color photos, whereas the print version is all black and white.  The online version also corrects a few small typos.  Go to the Home Page and look for the MEMBERS ONLY link on the right side of the page.

12 Jan 2015  -   The AWRA reunion web page has been updated with information about the next REUNION OF MEMBERS.  This year, AWRA is returning to Tucson, AZ, where, back in 2007, we held one of our most successful reunions of all time.  After eight years away, we are looking forward to seeing Tucson's many changes, and further enjoying what this jewel of the desert has to offer.   The reunion dates are 21-25 Oct 2015.  Please check the reunion web page often for more information about registration and hotel rooms.  Hope you can join us.  See you there.

1 Jan 2015  -   Welcome to another great year for weather reconnaissance veterans.    I hope you all had a Joyous Christmas Season, and we are all looking forward to a great 2015.   This past year we lost many of our friends, our fellow weather reconnaissance veterans.  Just over a week ago, Ralph Ruyle passed away at 92-years old.  Ralph is credited with initiating the idea for AWRA back in the early 1990's.  He proudly served the association in numerous capacities ever since.  At the time of his passing, Ralph was still the Chairman of the AWRA Board of Directors.

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One feature that was added way back in 2005, was an AWRA discussion forum in Yahoo! Groups. 

The group has been great for those of us currently participating.  We need to get more folks involved.  To join, follow this link.  Click on the "Join This Group" tab and you will be asked to log in if you already have a Yahoo! account.  If you are new to Yahoo!, it will walk you through the steps to set up your account.  Please join us!

The URL for our group is:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AWRA/