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WB-50 Painting Commissioned by
AWRA Member Larry O'Neal

"WB-50 Aircraft from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
on a Falcon Alpha Mission - 1957"
Artist: Thomas Wojahn
Commissioned by Larry O'Neal

Original artwork donated by Mr. O'Neal to the USAF Art Collection

The painting above was created by Tom Wojahn of Rockford, Illinois.  Mr. Wojahn is a friend of Larry O'Neal, who was Dropsonde Operator with the 53 WRS at RAF Burtonwood, UK.

Larry asked Wojahn to create a composite picture from the photos of the WB-50 #49-0275 and the ice pack.

Several years ago, Larry donated the painting to the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.  It is now part of the Air Force Art Collection. 

Military Art on Canvas

by Veramar Naval Products 

Recently, many items in military art  collections have been released into public domain.  At least one company has taken the lead in making copies of this artwork available to the general public.  Veramar Naval Products specializes in items related to the US Navy, but also has scanned numerous items in the USAF collection.  These military art prints have been professionally restored to reflect original colors and captured onto high quality artist canvas, which gives an artistic feel and an impression of quality that cannot be achieved by printing on paper alone.

They have a very active E-Bay store, and sell numerous prints that way.  Both Mr. O'Neal and the AWRA web master have purchased prints of the WB-50 painting, and are extremely happy with the product.  If you would like to check out the print of this painting, it is currently listed on E-Bay as Item #6577077460  or search E-Bay for "WB-50 Aircraft".  At last check, Veramar still had 8 copies of the print available.

Veramar Naval Products is not associated in any way with AWRA, and we make no guarantees about their products, other than the personal satisfaction of two buyers. 

AWRA gets no benefit from any sales.  We are providing this information for you to use as you see fit.   Please do your own research prior to making any purchase.

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