Major Dale Richardson, USAF.  Maj Richardson (seen here as a second lieutenant circa 1944) was one of eleven weather reconnaissance crew members killed in the crash of WB-50D tail number 49-315 on 31 August 1956.  The mishap aircraft and crew were assigned to the 58th WRS at Eielson AFB, AK. The aircraft had recently been named "Golden Heart" in honor of neighboring city of Fairbanks. 

Maj Richardson's
daughter is currently trying to rediscover the father she barely knew for herself and Dale, Jr. (who was born a few months after the crash).  Anyone who thinks they can help, please write to the web master.

SMSgt James H. Gossett, USAF (Ret) - pictured above (left), and Roy Forbes (below) were both radio operators with the 54th WRS on Guam in 1956-57.  Jim recently wrote to AWRA wondering if we had any members who might have been assigned with them.  In response,  the web master checked pictures that we have received from the Air Force Weather History Office and found one of a 54th WRS crew preparing for a WB-50D mission in early 1956.  We sent the picture on to Jim, and were surprised that he immediately wrote back, "Hey, the tail-end Charlie on that crew is ME!"  He also recognized Roy Forbes in the middle of the picture.  Jim would love to hear from anyone who may remember him, and we at AWRA would love to identify the rest of the crew.  Go to the full crew photo here.  Or open a very large version (3500 x 2400 pixels -- 840K) in a new window here.  To contact Jim or to identify others in the picture, write to the web master.

AWRA life-member Ron Geary (not pictured) recently wrote that he loved his time spent with the 57th WRS at Avalon AF, Australia in 1962-64.  Ron would like to hash over the good old days with former squadron mates.  We reminded Ron that the best way to find folks is to attend the annual AWRA reunion.  He, like you, can find information at our reunion page.  Follow this link.   Click here to see if you can identify any crew members from this WB-57.

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An unidentified crew of the 54th WRS from the Jul-Dec 1956 history submitted to Air Weather Service.  We now know the names of the two radio operators.  If you think you know anyone else, send an E-mail to awra038@aol.com  Open a full sized version of this picture (3500x2400 pixels) here.

An unidentified WB-57 crew of the 57th WRS at Avalon AF, Australia, prepares for flight.  If you think you might recognize anyone in the picture, please send an E-mail to awra038@aol.com

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