PROPS OR JETS?  What kind of silly question is that?

by Capt Long Way Off, USAF (Ret)

I think we all know that whoever dreamed up that question was just trying to have a rational explanation for showing off the lovely Miss Janet Oliver in front of a WB-47.  Janet was named Miss Hurricane Hunter - 1963 by the 53rd WRS.  And even though Air Weather Service took delivery of the first 33 WB-47's in 1963, no one was really thinking of regular and intentional hunting of hurricanes in this thing, were they?

"Real" weather reconnaissance crews routinely bounced and rolled their way through Hurricanes and Typhoons in B-25s, B-17s, B-29s, B-50s, and the C-130 -- propeller aircraft all.  Their sampling-centric brothers in B-47s, B-57s, and C-135s carefully flew around, maybe over on a rare occasion, but mainly avoided these displays of nature's raw energy.

So lets just admire Janet's pretty smile.  We know, that she knows, that it's Props!

One more question -- the 53rd officially relocated from Kindley AFB, Bermuda to Hunter AFB, GA on 31 August 1963.  I'm guessing that this move occurred in conjunction with delivery of the WB-47, therefore the picture is on the ramp in GA? Anyone know for sure?

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