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55th and 58th WRS

There are numerous small, and not so small, groups of
Weather Reconnaissance veterans who share both a
love of the mission and a desire to stay in touch with
their buddies from the United States Air Force.

One of the more active is a group led by Conrad "C.R." Layton

C.R. has maintained close ties with many of those who
attended training with him as part of Flight 394,
and those who were assigned to the 58th SRS (M) Wea.  
This group started as a gathering of mostly WB-29 vets
 from Alaska, who got together for over 10 years.

Over the past several years, C.R. has rebranded the reunion
 as the 55th and 58th WRS Reunion and advertised it in
numerous veterans magazines.  As a result, he has heard from
many folks who served at McClellan with the 55th and folks
who served with the 58th WRS when it was at Kirtland.

C.R.'s group gathers each year in Branson, MO
The dates for the next reunion are:  16 - 17 June 2016

If you are not on C.R.'s mailing list, and would like to be
added, contact him at:  crl34@cox.net
(that's the letters CRL and the number 34)

Go to C.R. Layton's personal 55th and 58th WRS web page

C.R. organizes a gathering of these friends each summer in Branson, MO
They take in several different shows and spend a few days exchanging
information about their current lives and remembering the good old days.

The 2009 58thWRS/Flight 394 USAF Reunion Group

Front row L-R
 Robert Stowers    Evelyn Stowers       Beverly Layton      C. R. Layton 

Second row  L-R  
Marilee Wiles    Beatrice Bersing    Millie Ham    Edna Mahaffey   Deloris Helm   Marlys Wing 
Betty Hartline    Carolyn Gamby     Pat Earl    Frances Horton     Gage Payne Myrtle Walker    Dee Lowe

Third row L-R
  Norma Baugher   June Henry   Heidi Katzer    Shirley Merkling   Pete Mahaffey   Wesley Helm   LeRoy Wing     Bill Hartline    Ken Earl   Mel Beers    Steph Keenan     Jewell Harding      Ada Maynor     Ray Lowe    Dod Waldron     Summer Austin

Back row L-R
Harold Tipton    Dalton Henry   Phillip Wi;es    Max Hunter    Dan Ham    Bob Merkling   Dick Gamby   
Ben Horton     Edwin Benjamin   Ed Keenan     Tom Harding     Steve Maynor    Ken Waldron    David Austin

Missing from photo:  Tom & Mireya Short

Next Reunion for this group is 16 - 17 June 2016

C.R. maintains a list of over 260 former classmates and squadron members and is constantly looking for others.  He sends out invitations to the gathering both by E-mail, and the USPS "snail mail".   There are quite a few folks who are on both C.R.'s list and are AWRA members.  AWRA encourages cross membership, and welcomes all these groups to also participate with our AWRA activities.

One project that C.R. is interested in, is to identify everyone in the above 1955 squadron photo of the 58th WRS.  The original photo, as printed, was over four feet wide.  We have scanned it in sections that can be downloaded reasonably quickly.  Click on the picture to open Section 1 in a new window.  Follow the links to see all of the sections.  If you think you can identify anyone, or are interested in getting on C.R.'s contact list, please contact him by E-mail at crl34@cox.net, or by phone at:  (918) 446-6945.

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Go to C.R. Layton's personal 55th and 58th WRS web page

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