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12 OCT 2005

26 AWRA Members Assembled for the 2005 Annual Banquet on 12 Oct 2005
Front Row (seated): Don Offerman, Ralph Ruyle, John Hug
Second Row:  David Yound, Jack Kaminsky,Mary Copeskey, Jim Spenrath, Butch Lomax, John Lassiter,
Jess Worthington, Ken Gibson, Roger Johnson, Gene Wallace, Bill Anderson
Back Row:  Bernie Barris, Peter Copeskey, Norm Cox, Bob Tuttle, Harald Davis, Franz House, Bill Davis,
John Priestle, Roy Ladd, Pat Hanavan, John Lein, Joe Robinson

From Left: Bernie Barris, Rosalind Barris,
Pam Welty and Jim Spenrath

Ann Lomax shows off the San Antonio-themed trivets that each
banquet attendee received, incluing the special Texas version
that won Butch the Aviator Bear door prize that he is holding

Continuing a tradition that goes back to pre-AWRA gatherings of Dropsonde Operators,
this year we had 9 Drops in attendance.  From left, Bob Tuttle, John Lein, Harald Davis,
Bill Davis, John Lassiter, John Priestle, Mary Copeskey, Ken Gibson, and Peter Copeskey

Franz House was thanking Rosalind Barris for all
her work on the Reunion this year, and says that
he hopes to see everyone in Dayton next October!

More Photos coming soon from the AWRA Social at the home of
Bernie and Rosalind Barris

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