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Air Weather Reconaissance Association

Contributors:  O'Neal | Moore

Larry O'Neal, Contributor and photographer, AWRA Life Member

Larry O'Neal, now of Rockford, Illinois, was assigned to the 53rd Weather Recon Squadron as a crewmember (dropsonde operator). All the in-flight pictures were taken on weather reconnaissance missions out of Burtonwood, England.

Standard weather reconnaissance tracks were given the names of birds.

Falcon Alpha track took the airplane over Jan Mayen Island at 71°10'N 7° 56'W.

The height of this inactive volcano is 8,247'.

image of Jan Mayen Island

Painting by Tom Wojahn of Rockford, Illinois, a friend of Larry O'Neal's.

Larry asked Wojahn to create the composite picture from the photos of the WB-50 #90275 and the ice pack. Several years ago, Larry donated the picture to the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.

image of Wojan painting image of WB-50
image of ice pack

Familiar sights to WB-29 and WB-50 crews, these photos show, left to right, an oil leak on #2 engine at the rate of about 18 gallons per hour and the #2 engine feathered.

image of engine oil leak image of feathered engine

Sunrise on a Falcon Delta mission taken from the WB-50 cockpit.

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Bill Moore, Contributor

Bill Moore (formerly Modzelewski) was a Staff Sergeant crew chief of WB-47E 51-2417 from 1966 to 1970 at McClellan AFB, California. These three photos taken from the Japanese-language Jcom site on the internet (permission to republish pending) are WB-47Es at Yakota, Japan.

image of WB-47E image of WB-47E image of WB-47E
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