We pause this month to remember
Those who gave their lives
While serving their country on
Weather Reconnaissance missions.

There have been a total of 24 accidents and incidents
that have resulted in loss of life while flying
USAF weather reconnaissance missions. 

B-29   44-62200
31 Dec 47

375th RS (VLR) Wea.
Elmendorf AFB, AK

    1Lt  Joseph E. Finkey
    1Lt  William N. Green
    1Lt  Paul G. Jordan
    2Lt  Donald DeNeau
    MSgt  James D. Matthew
    TSgt  George W. Bessire
    SSgt  David C. Brown
    Sgt  Edward C. Decker
    Cpl  Earl P. Domangue

B-29   44-62157 *
28 Sep 48
375th RS (VLR) Wea.
Shemya AFB, AK

     1Lt  Otis A. Young
    1Lt  Jay A. Steinbrenner
1Lt  John P. Trostel
    TSgt  Harry A. Holt

    "Polar Queen"
RB-29   44-87750 **
3 Nov 49

373rd RS (VLR) Wea.
Kindley AFB, Bermuda

    Maj  Roy H. Bruns
    Capt  Cleo S. Maddox
    Capt  John C. Mays
    1Lt  James E. Shewey
    1Lt  Andrew J. Rooks
    TSgt  Clarence J. Hyatt
    SSgt  Harry N. Barker
    SSgt  Preston S. Treadway
    Sgt  James A. Sapp
    Cpl  Harry N. Carden
    Cpl  Robert D. Myrman
**  "Hurricane Hattie"
WB-29   44-61640
26 Feb 52

54th SRS (M) Wea.
Andersen AFB, Guam

    1Lt  Walter Krueger
    2Lt  Vincent P. Gendusa
    2Lt  Robert J. Shaw
    MSgt  Frank P. Leach
    SSgt  Donald E. Parker
    Cpl  Francis X. Toland

WB-29   44-87756
5 Apr 52

55th SRS (M) Wea.
McClellan AFB, CA

    Maj  Bruce Acebedo
    Capt  Guilford A. Hopkins
    Capt  Robert L. Kizer
    Capt  Leonard B. Winstead
    2Lt  August I. Lam
    MSgt  Edwin M. Fultz
    TSgt  George R. Shook
    SSgt  Elbert E. King
    SSgt  Hayden C. Shulz
    SSgt  Carlton J. Fose

WB-29   44-69770 ***
26 Oct 52

54th SRS (M) Wea.
Andersen AFB, Guam

    Maj  Sterling L. Harrell
    Capt  Donald M. Baird
    Capt  Frank J. Pollack
    1Lt  William D. Burchell
    1Lt  Clifton R. Knickmeyer
    MSgt  Edward H. Fontaine
    A1C  Alton B. Brewton
    A1C  William Colgan
    A1C  Anthony J. Fasullo
    A3C  Rodney E. Verrill

    ***  "Typhoon Goon II"

WB-29   44-62277
18 Sep 53

53rd SRS (M) Wea.
Kindley AFB, Bermuda

    Capt  Guy M. Broughton
    Capt  John A. Lelland
    Capt  William T. Allen
    Capt  Thomas H. Smatana
    Capt  Thomas E. Zapolsky
    SSgt  Walter C. Drew
    A2C  Billy G. Elliott
WB-29   45-21872
25 Sep 53

58th SRS (M) Wea.
Eielson AFB, AK

   Capt  Charles F. Baker
WB-50   49-315 ****
31 Aug 56
58th WRS
Eielson AFB, AK

    Maj  Dale Richardson
    Capt  Leonard N. Chapman, Jr.
    Capt  Everett E. Dyson
    1Lt  William J. Wolters, Jr.
    2Lt  William W. Faustlin
    MSgt  Fred T. Gregg, Jr.
    TSgt  Richard K. Brown
    SSgt  Ronald R. Ragland
    A2C  Melvin O. Lindsey
    A2C  Elijah Spencer
    A3C  Douglas W. Maxon

    ****  "The Golden Heart"

WB-50   48-098
28 Dec 56
56th WRS
Yokota AB, Japan

    Capt  Raymond Durr
    Capt  Dewey A. Keithly
    Capt  Leonard A. Klawa
    Capt  Lawrence E. Monies
    1Lt  Waylon H. Moseley
    SSgt  William A. Taylor
    A2C  Gerald R. Arnn
    A2C  John E. Hollis
    A2C  Mose F. Thomas, Jr.
WB-50  48-093
17 Jan 57

58th WRS
Eielson AFB, AK

     Capt  Robert E. Eichelberger
    Capt  Harold W. Bales
    Capt  William P. Spil
    1Lt  Robert E. McGough
    1Lt  Ralph L. Sampson
    2Lt  Bobby H. Spencer
    MSgt  Woodrow B. Russell
    A1C  John W. Cramer
    A1C  Donald D. Dodds
    A2C  Robert C. Glenn
    A2C  Thomas F. Patterson
    A3C  Roger D. Sigman

WB-50   49-295
15 Jan 58

54th WRS
Andersen AFB, Guam

     Capt  Albert J. Lauer
    Capt  Marcus G. Miller
    Capt  Clyde W. Tefertiller
    1Lt  Courtland Beeler III
    1Lt  Paul J. Buerkle, Jr.
    TSgt  Delivan L. Gordon
    SSgt  Kenneth L. Tetzloff
    SSgt  Kenneth L. Houseman
    A1C  Bernard G. Tullgren
    A1C  Randolph C. Watts
WB-50  49-343
4 Feb 59

59th WRS
Kindley AFB, Bermuda

    Capt  Robert F. Aldrich
    Capt  Andrew P. Stefurak
    Capt  Robert A. Brown
    Capt  William Potter, Jr.
    1Lt  Carlton S. Whitney
    1Lt  Frank C. King, Jr.
    MSgt  Donald R. Fitzgerald
    TSgt  Alfred E. Estes
    SSgt  Jack A. Parmelee
    SSgt  Harvey O. Ward
    A1C  Franklin D. Radcliff
    A3C  Scott Stephens, Jr.  

WB-50  48-122
8 Sep 60

56th WRS
Yokota AB, Japan

    Capt  John R. Willis
    1Lt  Robert W. Blanton
    1Lt  William L. Hesse
    1Lt  Howard S. Kelly
    2Lt  Lawrence K. Draper
    MSgt  Claude M. Burgess
    MSgt  James W. Fields, Jr.
    TSgt  Vernon W. Powell
    A1C  Edward L. Armstead
    A3C  Alfred Campbell, Jr.
    A3C  Barney Jablonski

WB-57B  52-1496
17 Sep 62

57th WRS
Avalon Air Field, Australia

    Capt  Paul H. Palmer
    Capt  Joseph W. Ivins

WB-57C  53-3826
16 Oct 62

57th WRS
Avalon Air Field, Australia

    Lt  Glenn Sprague
    Lt  Bobby Galbrecht

WB-57C  53-3837
17 Sep 63

58th WRS
Kirtland AFB, NM

    Maj  Joseph M. Pair
    Capt  Carl R. Laffoon

WB-47E  51-7049
21 Apr 64

55th WRS
Eielson AFB, AK

    Maj  Conrad L. Lienhart
    Capt  Warren S. Hillis
    TSgt  Charles F. Heckman

WB-57F  63-13297
7 Nov 66

58th WRS
Kirtland AFB, NM

    Capt  Robert O. Bartlett
    Capt  Leo R. Otway

WC-130E  64-0554
15 May 69

54th WRS
Andersen AFB, Guam

    Capt  Charles D. Booker (1)

      (1) Capt Booker was seriously injured in
           the explosion of a silver iodide ejector
           rack on this flight.  He succumbed to
           his injuries in July 1969.

WB-57C  53-3839
15 Apr 70
58th WRS
Kirtland AFB, NM

    Amn  Terry J. Nirolis
WB-57F  63-13292
27 Jun 72
58th WRS
Kirtland AFB, NM

    Lt Col  James B. McCravy
    Capt  Harold A. Moore, Jr.

WB-57C  53-3832
27 Apr 73
58th WRS
Kirtland AFB, NM

    Maj  Dale M. Mann
WC-130H  65-0965
12 Oct 74

54th WRS
Andersen AFB, Guam

    Capt  Edward R. Bushnell
    1Lt  Gary W. Crass
    1Lt  Michael P. O'Brien
    1Lt  Timothy J. Hoffman
    TSgt  Kenneth G. Suhr
    Sgt  Detlef W. Ringler

Numerous sources have been used for the above information.  Foremost among these is a memorial display located in the Heritage Hall of the Air Force Weather Agency.  AFWA is currently located in the "Martin Bomber Building" at Offutt AFB, the same building where the "Silverplate" B-29s of the 509th Group (including the "Enola Gay") were built.  Also built in this facility were 14 of the 105 aircraft later designated weather B-29s.

Verification of names and dates came from Air Weather Service, Our Heritage 1937-1987.

Some B-29 Aircraft data, including nickname, came from The B-29 Superfortress, by Robert A. Mann, which is a comprehensive registry of the planes and their missions.

Help with the WB-57 MDS information came from Maj Gen Thomas Aldrich, former AWS and 57th WRS Commander.

Also referenced were various unit histories.